The Au Coeur de sa Nature team is composed of guides and professors who will travel with you during your entire trip. The guides are in love with the regions you will discover. They will guide you during all the hikes and activities planned during your stay! The professors of the Reconnection to the Self and Yoga professors are experts in their discipline and will transmit you their passion.
Your Guides - Real Passionates 
Your Professors - Expert in their Field


Canadian by birth with French parents, Ludovic has lived as much on one side as on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Travelling has always been part of his life. At the age of 15, he organized with his cousin his first summer trip to the islands of the Indian Ocean: Mauritius and the Reunion island. Since this moment, travels succeed one another and the adrenaline you can feel during a trip never leaves him. Ludovic has travelled by train all around Europe, Western Canada, Morocco, South America and Central America, Indonesia and Singapore. All these trips make up his personality.

From a very young age, the mountains have been his favorite playground and they still remain so today. A natural sportsman, he climbed his first peak in the Pyrenees at the age of 7 and since then, hiking has become a passion! He can't wait to help you discover the regions of the world he loves most!


Eternal nomad and citizen of the world, this American-British-Canadian has lived in many countries: Germany, Switzerland, Catalonia ... He is passionate of long hikes and has a great amount of experience as a guide for groups of young and old people. He just completed a trip as a guide for a group crossing Africa from north to south, from Cairo to Cape Town!

He is very excited to share his favorite region with you!


Charles is passionate about hiking at altitude. This French chose to spend his life in Haut Vallespir, in a village in the mountains of the eastern Pyrenees. This quiet habitant of the Catalan country hiked most of the French mountains, always looking for wild beauty.

Charles love camping, trekking, sharing time with people in mountain cottages... He loves to help people to discover mountain regions that has kept their authenticity.


Belgian by birth and nomad in her heart, she feels alive when she hikes with her backpack. She likes wild and unusual places. She never fed up about the irresistible charm of the mountains where nature and culture mix wonderfully.

For her opinion, a good guide is like a beautiful music that we like to listen. She must help to live an adventure. Once on the road she must guide with fluidity and harmony, thanks to her knowledge of the place.

Shabad Saroop Singh Khalsa

SHABAD SAROOP SINGH KHALSA is a Kundalini instructor and professor of Kundalini Yoga by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and co-founder and director of the Equilibrium Yoga Center, which opened on September 10, 2001. Shabad started to practice Kundalini Yoga in 1981 according to the method of Yogi Bhajan. In 1982, he met Yogi Bhajan and continued his learning under the direction of this great master. He has been teaching yoga for over 30 years and travels regularly to deepen his knowledge. It offers Level 1 "Aquarius age teacher" training every year since 2004.

He teached in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, London, Cambridge, Ottawa and Rochester NY. He has trained more than 300 new teachers over the last 11 years. He is also accredited by KRI to teach the 5 modules of Level 2 and Level 3 training "The 21 Meditation levels". Shabad shares his knowledge warmly, with humanity, wisdom and a rare sense of humor. Teaching is for him a vehicle to serve others and to contribute to raise the humanity consciousness.
GenRose Coaching

At the age of 18, after reading Paulo Coelho's book "The Alchemist", Geneviève decided to leave her native Belgium, backpacking in search of her personal legend. 
Taking a page from this book, she decided to follow her heart and her intuition and be guided by life signs. On her way, she met wonderful people and seized opportunities that lead her to live all her dreams: studying in Spain, living with a family in Italy, finding the job of her dreams in Ireland, going to work in Canada. It is in Quebec that she met her soul mate. Together, they continued their travels and lived their romance in Paris, the city of love. When their first baby arrived, she decided to make another big dream: to work for herself and become a digital entrepreneur. 
When the arrival of her second child and after a trip of 3 months in Asia, she decided to live her passion: coaching. Geneviève trained in and uses different approaches such as the alignment approach, NLP and hypnosis. 

Her mission as a Life Coach is to help others to reconnect with their dreams, to follow their heart and intuition. Thanks to a step by step approach, she helps people begin to live purposefully. 
She is the author of the blog: on which she posts daily podcasts to help people in search of meaning and momentum to move from stress to meaning in their lives and work. 
She creates the workshops "Rediscovering the Self" to accompany groups to live an unforgettable experience and challenge themselves to overcome their fears to dare to live their dreams. 

Estelle Tournemire

My professional life has started with theater. Passionate since the age of 14, I have been trained to the Cours Florent in parallel of my studies in an artistic section. I worked as an actress for 10 years but singing has always been part of my life. I learned various methods of singing (improvisation, Acappella ...), I took individual lessons and I played in musicals. 

In 2005 I discovered the Psychophonie, a method that seduced me and I graduated in 2013. Since this moment, I teach to adult group in Aubière, Thiers, St. Germain Lembron, Monts du Lyonnais in France and intervenes for the curists at the Grands Thermes de la Bourboule in France.
Her website:

Dené Oglesby

Movement, philosophy, language, and the human capacity for empathy have always captivated Dené. Engrossed by dance classes, books, and the study of nature, it was only a matter of time before she attended her first yoga class at 16. Dené continued her studies in world languages, mastering Spanish and French, studying abroad and taking dance, movement, and yoga classes in Mexico and Paris, France. She completed her Masters in French Language and Literatures at UNL in 2012 and continues to speak French at home with her husband and in the occasional French workshop and retreat with adventurous students! 

Thornwood Yoga Studio opened in beautiful, historic downtown Ashland on December 1, 2017, offering a variety of beginner and intermediate classes and workshops. As Thornwood's owner, studio manager, and sole instructor, she has recently devoted herself full time to teaching yoga, meditation, and wellness. Dené will complete her 500 RYT training at Lincoln Yoga Center by December 2018. Dené is pleased to teach Ayurvedic and energetic-based classes inspired by the natural, quiet, yet powerful beauty of Nebraska. Dené intends to always guide her students toward compassion and self-inquiry as a means to better understand the world, our relationship to it, and ourselves. Beginners are welcome to attend all classes, workshops, and retreats.

Learn more about Dené via her website or Yoga Alliance profile: 

Gaëlle Cosnuau

Gaëlle Cosnuau is born in France and arrived in Quebec in 1989 for her Master in Geography. 
She started Yoga while she was a student at the University of Angers the year before. 
She discovered firstly Montreal, its beauties, its great cultural and artistic wealth, its multi-ethnic population, its Francophone particularities in North America. 
From then on, she maked the choice to stay longer and even ends up settling permanently! 
In 1992, she did Dramatic Art workshops in a pre-kindergarten and from there she revealed her passion for early childhood where she worked as an educator for 15 years. 
She also took yoga classes in Montreal that year until 2002, when she began her first training as a Yoga teacher. 
She then began teaching Yoga in the Deux-Montagnes RCM, also in Laval the first year, and discovered another passion, that transmit her knowledge and her know-how of this wonderful thousand-year-old discipline. 
She became a mother for the first time in 1997, then in 1999 and finally in 2005. 
She was fortunate and privileged to have three births and three births with midwives and continued to practice Yoga while pregnant. 
It became clear to her to give pre and post natal Yoga classes. 
In June 2007, she completed another year of training as a Yoga teacher at the Body and Soul Holistic Institute, recognized by the Francophone Federation of Yoga.

She offers training in Yoga for children for teachers and educators. 
From 2007 to 2016, she moved to St-Eustache in 3 beautiful yoga studio to continue teaching in a more personal, warm and very welcoming place.
In 2007, she participated to Prenatal Yoga classes with Janice Clarfield from Vancouver. 
She participated in 2011 to Therapeutic Yoga classes (with Isabelle Sarne -Yoga Gayatri) , a specific support for global health. 
Since then, she teaches therapeutic yoga, in private classes but also with groups of disabled people in Montreal and Saint-Eustache. 
She also became a certified teacher in 2012 for the Yoga-Hockeytm Group 
In 2013 she completed a training of sonotherapist and can thus offer sound meditations and sound massages with Tibetan singing bowls. 
She completed also her Level II Reiki training, offering a new range of energy treatments combined with sound therapy. 
In March 2015, she became a Training Center recognized by the Francophone Federation of Yoga, thus starting her first cohort of Yoga teacher training. 
In January 2016 she moved into a splendid room in the Oka Labbaye, a very important heritage and spiritual, educational and historical place of the region.

Isabelle Godin ETY, CTY, FFY1

Peppy and playful, Nicole is a yogini and authentic teacher sharing her passion with a contagious and motivating energy. Her teaching and approach induce an extraordinary state of receptivity allowing everyone to deploy their true nature.
She has a Bachelor's degree of Outdoor and Adventure Tourism (UQAC), she spend also more than 1500 hours of continuous training on the energetic structure of the body and the human spirit, the mechanisms of awakening of the awareness and self-healing techn iques.
She has been teaching and coaching people since 2009. She is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher recognized by the following international associations: KRI, IKYTA and Yoga Alliance.

Her 3 great passions are: surfing, traveling and the awakening of Consciousness.  
Today, Nicole dedicates herself entirely to the teaching of Kundalini yoga and transmits concrete means that allow everyone to develop and master their inner strengths to fully express their true nature and achieve their destiny.  
For more information, visit:
Web site : 
Facebook Page : Nicole Richard, Conférencière, Coach holistique, Professeur Kundalini Yoga 

1 Professeur et Formateur certifié  
Étude et Transmission du Yoga 
Fédération Francophone de Yoga – Internationale 
Centre de Transmission du Yoga